Welcome to Spring 2020 - Season Starts Monday April 13, 2020

Girls will be playing on Mondays out of Mckinney.  Looks like the games will start at 5:30 and the latest game will start at 9:00.  Of Course that is all subject to enrollment.  so an EXAMPLE is as follows...which may change please keep in mind

5:30 & 6:30- Tyke/Novice - 4 teams

6:00 & 7:00 - Atom - 4 teams

7:30/8:30 - Peewee - 4 teams

8:00/9:00 - Bantam/Midget - 4 teams

Ladies and Intermediate girls will be playing Thursdays out of Mckinney. Games will start as early as 6:30 and last game will start at 9:30.  This year everyone will be on a rotating schedule so not one division is playing late.


4 intermediate/competitive teams

6-8 ladies rec teams

Coaches Corner

Interested in coaching?

With the expansion of Whitby Fire, we need some bench staff for all levels.  Please email  us at info@whitbygirlsballhockey.ca letting us know what you are interested in coaching along with your experience.

Who to look for in the arena

Andee Kitchen


Andee Kitchen is Registrar of Whitby Fire.  She is the administrator, scheduler, and whatever else needs to be done.  She too has coached and played at the provincial level joining ball hockey in 2008.  

Tracy Kitchen


Tracy Kitchen (center) is co founder of Whitby Fire.  She has coached the girls at the World, National and provincial levels earning many golds on her journey.  Tracy is also the referee and time keeping assignor.

Danielle Close


Danielle (right) is our GM extraordinaire.  She has managed the teams for the girls at the world, national and provincial level.  Danielle is also the VP of Women Ball Hockey with our association Ontario Ball Hockey Federation

Jenn Budden


Jenn (left) is our newest addition to the Fire.  She played her first year in 2019 after much convincing and loved it.  Jenn then took on the role of Provincial coach and Nation assistant coach.  She is back for 2020 as coach, taking the girls to Winnipeg

NEW!!! Girls Ball Hockey is moving to Mondays!!!!

The Girls Regular Season


The 2nd season Of Whitby Fire will kick of early April 2020!!!  We are so excited to have 2 nights given to us so we can expand this league to give more opportunity to more girls and women!!  Girls will be moved to Monday nights and the Ladies will be Thursday nights.  With such amazing success the first year, We cannot wait to see what 2020 brings.  Registration is now open!

The Ladies Spring Season


Ladies of all ages and calibers are welcome to be apart of The Fire!! 2019 was an amazing introduction to so many hockey moms, I am sure we can double that for 2020!! The cost for this will be $150   You can link with 4 other ladies, as long as everyone is linked together.  Keep spreading the word, this league is going to be fantastic, with ladies like you helping us grow the sport for the future of girls in sport.


Whitby Mayor approved!

Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell stopped in at Mckinney to see what this league is all about.  He is so excited that Whitby Fire is here and very proud that we choose Whitby as our home base.  Mayor Mitchell cannot wait until his grand daughter is old enough to become apart of the fire in the future.  Thank you Mayor Mitchell for stopping by, look forward to seeing you in the crowd!!

The Sport of Ball Hockey


How It Began

Ball hockey was started in Durham Region 35 years ago by some awesome folks, Mary and John Platt.  They rented a bus of neighbourhood kids,  took them to a gymnasium Simcoe Hall and here we are. Mary believed there was a place for girls to join and started a woman's league.   Now we honour her drive and love for the sport with this girls league in Whitby.  Mary's initials will be on every jersey, as she carries us through this journey to more Worlds for more golds.  The opportunity to play a game we love, for a country who loves hockey.


What Whitby Fire Is All About

Tracy Kitchen has been involved in hockey since she was 10
Referring,  playing, coaching, and doing anything else she could to get involved.  After inspiring and leading the team  to Gold in Slovakia, the start of a dream was born.  
Get a league in place for girls so they can experience all the great rewards of hard work.  
We want the girls to have a league of their own, to feel comfortable playing at their level, to be confident in their skills and to develop a love for a sport.  To dream of one day getting to hear their national anthem on a international level themselves!


What You Need

You will need some equipment to enjoy this sport.  CSA approved helmet with face mask, gloves, black shorts knee length, SOCCER SHIN PADS with  black socks and a really good pair of indoor running shoes.  It can get really slippery out there.  Optional is a jill and elbow pads, although they are highly recommended.  


Who Can Play

This League is girls only league, and from what we have been told, the only one in the country!!!! Girls  of any  age are welcome to play.  Whitby girls is open to all calibers of player, experience or nothing at all!!  We will ensure each team will have equal experienced players, for a fair playing floor for all.   Teams will be  organized based on who registers.  Our goal is 4 teams per age group.


What We Offer

Our league is going to be lots of fun for all who play.  We offer a safe environment for all calibers to feel comfortable and confident to play.  It will be encouraging, positive and exciting every week. We want your girls to want to come out every week and have fun, to tell their friends about it and help them want to come.  This way we grow the sport for girls, giving more opportunity in the future.

Opportunities In ball hockey

2020 Provincials in WHITBY!!


Whitby Fire sent 5 teams to Ottawa for the Provincials...with some amazing jerseys!! Girls Under 18 brought home a silver and Girls under 14 winning bronze.  What an excellent first year at provincials.  Cannot wait to be on home floor for FIRE next year!!

2020 Nationals in Winnipeg


Whitby Fire has a team going to Winnipeg this year, that is right a TEAM!!  We are so excited that Whitby has qualifies through last years provincials to stand tall in Winnipeg.  It is going to be amazing seeing the Fire in another province

2020 Worlds in Zilina, Slovakia


We have 3 players going to worlds!!!  Also representing from Whitby is a Coach, an Equipment Manager and the General Manager.  We totally brought the FIRE!!  Bring home the Gold girls!!!

Contact US

Want to get Involved?

We  are looking for involvement.  Do you want to  coach? Ref? Time Keep?  Drop us a line and we will put you on the list.

Got some ideas?  We love to hear them.

Whitby Fire Girls Ball Hockey

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